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 Find Pharaoh's Gold! 

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Games resume May 4, 2024! We are taking reservations now!

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The Lock Museum Adventure takes place in the Lock Museum of America, which houses the largest collection of locks and keys in the United States, and quite possibly, the world. The Museum is in Terryville, CT, on the site of the former headquarters of the Eagle Lock Company.

You will use puzzles, riddles, and codes to open locks and antique safes to solve a mystery.

You will be surrounded by thousands of antique locks, keys, and items related to lockmaking.

Some of the more unusual artifacts are a 4,000–year old Egyptian lock, a 7,000-pound cannonball safe, and a treasure chest from the Spanish Armada.

Do you like history?  Do you appreciate fine craftsmanship?  You'll love the Lock Museum Adventure Game.  Many of the items on display were made here in Connecticut.



Find Pharaoh's Gold

In 1923, Abigail Atwater, an amateur archaeologist from Terryville, found the long lost tomb of an Egyptian Pharaoh.


In her excitement, she broke the strange wooden lock to the chamber and found a casket of enormous treasure.

She returned to her hometown and lived a life of leisure. But as the years went by, her conscience got the better of her.


She became a benefactor to the Lock Museum of America. She donated the 4,000-year old Egyptian wooden lock as a Museum centerpiece.


Just before she died, she hid the Pharaoh's gold coins in the Museum!

You will explore 5 rooms on the second floor of the Museum to look for clues to find the treasure.



How does it work?

You will have an hour to solve the mystery by deciphering puzzles, riddles, and codes.

You should arrive at the Museum 10 minutes before your game begins. You will be given a brief tour of the first floor of the Museum before heading to the second floor where the game takes place.


After the game, many groups like to ask questions and take a closer look at the exhibits so you may want to allow extra time.

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The clues were challenging and fun ...requiring team work and creativity. The host was delightful afterwards, explaining things about many of the objects on display. This museum is a lovely gem ! So glad we participated!  - Karen

​​Everyone in our group enjoyed themselves immensely! We had a wonderful time and would recommend the experience to anyone! -  Michael

​​We had a great time! The museum exhibits are interesting and the puzzles are challenging, so it was lots of fun. This was my third adventure room experience and definitely my favorite. Thanks! - Laura  A.

Great variety of puzzles, and the history that we picked up along the way was a great bonus. Best escape room I have done all year! - Jessica

​This was a fantastic experience! We had so much fun with our kids… Really an exceptional way to spend the afternoon. - Beth

What better place to set up an escape room than a museum dedicated to the history of locks and keys? – Hartford Courant
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the escape room experience. We delighted in solving the puzzles and enjoyed the atmosphere of the beautifully curated rooms. We are thrilled we visited. The Lock Museum has been our favorite museum experience. - Nicole



230 Main Street

PO Box 104

Terryville, CT 06786

Tel: 860-480-4408
(Tom Hennessy, Jr.)


The largest collection of locks, keys, handcuffs, and ornate door hardware in the world.
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